Heitor Libânio

Heitor Libânio


About him

Heitor Libânio 37 years old Brazilian since he was little influenced by forró, as he grew up in a family of Forrozeiros in the interior of Brazil - Rondonópolis.

At just 8 years old, he accompanied his grandmother to forró dances on Sunday afternoons, and there where he learned his first forró step.

At the age of 15, he moved to Brasilia with his mother where he continued his studies and his contact with forró increased.

He frequented forró often and like many Brazilians he developed his own style and character in forró.

After years of forró and finishing college of administration. Participates in projects to teach people to find their way in forró not only teaching the necessary bases but also other important elements for a good dance for example: rhythm, motor coordination, body isolation, musicality, creativity in dance and much more etc...

In his recent project he decides to add more essence, soul, heart to dance, something deeper beyond the physical senses we are used to. And for that, he moves to Germany where he starts a 4-year course in Eurytmie. Today he is currently attending his third year of course and at the same time teaches Forró in the city of Witten- Germany.

He has already been teaching forró in Brazil, USA, Germany, Switzerland, England, Russia, Italy and still has a lot to teach in this Forrozeiro world.

Heitor Libânio

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