About us

Welcome to a community dedicated to celebrating and sharing the joy of a popular dance style known globally as Forró. Our mission is to connect fans and enthusiasts of this dance form from all corners of the world and provide them with a platform to access and attend various Forró festivals. We believe in fostering a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the rhythm, beats and moves of this electrifying dance style.

Forró is a dynamic, energetic and playful dance style that originated in Brazil and has since spread its influence to various countries worldwide. The dance style is characterized by its upbeat music, infectious beats, and lively movements that bring people together to have fun and celebrate life. Our platform brings together all Forró events, providing you with the opportunity to attend as many festivals as you wish, and experience the unique energy that Forró creates.

At our platform, we aim to share all the dancing moments, from the lively Zabumba beat to the exciting Triangulo shakes, and the moving sounds of the Sanfona. We want you to feel the essence of Forró and embrace its culture and traditions. Whether you are an experienced dancer or a newcomer to the style, you are sure to find something of interest on our platform.

In conclusion, we are a passionate community dedicated to promoting and sharing the beauty and joy of Forró around the world. Our goal is to bring together fans and enthusiasts from every corner of the globe, and create a platform for them to connect, learn, and grow as a community. Join us on our mission to celebrate and share the rhythm and beats of Forró!