Le P'tit Bal Perdu: Não para, não para, não para... the return!

Le P'tit Bal Perdu: Não para, não para, não para... the return!


Opens at Friday, October 20, 2023 9:00 PM

Closes at Sunday, October 22, 2023 9:00 PM

Não para, não para, não para...

Sounds like a crazy idea... 48 hours of non-stop dancing!
For all those times when the party was so good, joyful and lively that you didn't want it to end... well, we thought we had to do it!

The mythical Friday's Forrobodó launches the weekend and we continue it as long as the music is playing!
★From October 20th to 22nd, concerts, DJs, workshops and maybe even a few challenges will animate the Parisian Studio des Rigoles.

As in traditional dance marathons, we prepare our resistance and our most comfortable shoes to find out who will be on track the longest. Cumulatively or all at once, everyone in their own style, with a single objective to show our enthusiasm and our love of forró by using the parquet floor!

LIVE MUSIC : with at least one concert every 12 hours, you will get plenty of live music during this marathon!
Already confirmed :
★ Trio Muçambê : Ramon Vieira, Douglas Marcolino and Dhu Messias
★ Conterrâneos : Rodrigo Ramalho, Nandinho Barros and Rodrigo Gomes
★ Forró da Lua: Mathis Polack, Fawzi Berger, Markus Thiel and Lise Dieumegard
And jam sessions, where participants will be able to join the musicians to play all together !!!

DJ'S : to ensure that the music will not stop, sessions of silent disco will be available, with 2 music channels some of the sessions will be DJ battles!! It will be up to you to choose between red and green !!! Which DJ will you choose ?
Alreday confirmed :
★ DJ Ivan (Sao Paulo)
★ DJ âMy B. (Lyon)
★ DJ Çaravá
★ Dj Nelsim
★ Dj Flow
★ Dj Jam
★ Dj Sylvain
★ Dj Zorba
★ Dj Sandro
★ Dj Gil

TEACHERS : no way that we will stop the music, so our teachers are preparing workshops with continuous music! We will learn, but we won’t stop the music !!!
★ Carlos Valverde (Brazilian dances and singing)
★ Kevinn Costa (Forró)
★ Marion Lima (Forró & Frevo)

In a nutshell, it is wholesome, it is like a Festival, but without pause!! You can live it as you wish, the proposal is out there !! If you do not like the challenge, you can choose the “relax” mode : you can dance at your chosen hours, don't feel pressured!

COMPETITION : Não Para is also an old-fashioned dance Marathon! You can choose how you want to compete :
★ Solo nons-stop: who will dance the longest without stopping
★ Solo relax: who will dance the longest with pauses (we add the different amounts of time)
★ Teams of 3 : at least 2 members of the team must always be on the dancefloor !
Festival passes and other prices will be awarded to the winners !!
★ You can also compete for the special prize for the look and originality... Start training !!