Möhnsee-Wamel - Forró Camp 2023

Möhnsee-Wamel - Forró Camp 2023


Opens at Saturday, June 24, 2023 2:00 PM

Closes at Sunday, July 2, 2023 4:00 AM


The incredible ForróCamp will give you the chance to dance 7 days and 8 nights side by side with a lovely community.

7 days of summer, sun, sea and new friends! The only party which lasts a whole week.

It will be a fabulous summer with our favourite forrozeiros and students of brazilian culture.We connect different areas of sports, cultures and summer activities with ouer beloved Forró!!!

There are waiting dance (Forró, Samba de Gafieira, Capoeira) and loads of parties and live concerts for you!As every year, the live acts will be the most unique and extraordinary musicians from Brazil and Europe.

Dancing, live music, hanging out and dancing by the pool, barbecues with live Forró music directly from Brazil and so much more...

Forró Teachers

Bruno Prado

Was born in Rio de Janeiro and is known as Teacher, dancer and choreographer. He has begun his journey in 2008, where he started to learn all the brazilian ballroom dances. He is practicing Forró since 2009 both inside and outside of Rio de Janeiro and is qualified by the dance school of Alex de Carvalho.Bruno brought a joyfull style with a lot of energy in Forró by creating his own style. It has been nearly 3 years since he is making Tours all over Europe. His main goal is to spread Forró all around with fantastic performances and an endless sympathy, conquering more and more place in the world for the sake of Forró.  

Rudolfo Batista

Rudolfo was born in Olinda, in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil. Even as a child Rudolfo Batista da Silva was passionate about the folklore, the culture but mostly about the dances of this region of the northeast of Brazil (Nordeste). During his childhood he participated in many of the typical parties called Festas Juninas, dancing in the cultural capitals of Pernambuco. At the age of 14 Rudolfo’s interest in Forró grew and he started learning the typical styles of the northeastern region. When he was 19 he was introduced to the Forró Universitário style, learning it and mixing it with his Forró Nordestino. In 2010 he moved to the city of Cologne in Germany, where he founded the group Forró de Colônia.

Icaro Abreu

Icaro Abreu Viana is a forró expert and cultural agent offering classes and workshops in Belo Horizonte and other cities. With a background in Capoeira Angola and a deep understanding of cultural movements, Icaro brings a holistic approach to forró, promoting respect, dialogue, and energy in dance. Winner of the 1st Forró Tournament in Itaúnas, Icaro's classes encompass various dance styles, allowing each individual to find their own unique expression in forró. Join Icaro for an immersive and enriching forró experience.

Brenda Antunes

She has been dancing since she is 6 years old starting with ballet and jazz. 2015 she started dancing forró and in 2018 she deepened her studies in the Roots Style. After studying various styles of forró, today she is always seeking to implement greater versatility in her dance, mixing the styles of forró.

Leandro Fialho

He has a background in music theory which he aims to apply to his dance. His classes are as much about teaching the dance, the characteristic steps and the body of the Roots style, as they are about developing musicality, body consciousness and basic notions of musical theory, being applied to the dance.

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