Forró Tour 2023

Join Lili on her exhilarating European Forró Adventure in 2023 as she travels across France, Germany, and Spain, igniting dance floors and spreading the joy of Forró. Don't miss out on these exciting tour dates and locations.

Tour Schedule

Experience the vibrant Forró scene with our amazing workshops and festival schedule.




  • Saurat, France

    Festival Forró na cabana

  • Castelnau-de-Montmiral, France

    Loupiote festival

  • Marseille , France


  • Berlin, Germany

    Miudinho festival

  • Alzen, France

    Balalahikou festival

  • Freiburg, Germany

    Forró & Samba de gafieira Festival + workshops

  • Leipzig, Germany

  • Nice, France

    Forró de Nice Festival - VIVA ESSE FORRÓ 2023

  • Tours, France